Yiddish Language Classes, 4 levels
10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 3 – 6 p.m.

The first Yiddish Marathon (held in December/January and co-organized by the Other Music Academy), was a powerful reminder of just how essential the Yiddish language is to a deeper understanding of Yiddish culture, whether literature, poetry, instrumental music or song. Our classes, taught by some of the world's best Yiddish language experts and educators, offer you a unique opportunity to further your knowledge of Yiddish – a key to new and fascinating cultural worlds.

Yiddish is easier to learn than you might think. Regardless of the role Yiddish culture plays in your life – whether it's something you enjoy in your free time or engage with artistically or professionally – you are welcome to join us in exploring this unique and important European language!

As in previous years, so in 2019 we look forward to offering a wide selection of Yiddish courses.

Our courses are structured on four levels, in a way that each level builds on the previous one while laying the ground for the next. Each course is led by two instructors, six hours a day. In addition, you will be surrounded by the unique YSW cultural program, with evening jam sessions, concerts, and more...

Special offer! If you sign up for all four language courses, the fourth week is free!

Workshop fee: 460 € Standard / 355 € Reduced / 635 € Sponsor / 180 € under 18.
For information about the Standard, Reduced and Supporter fees >> read about

Beginners I - for participants with no prior knowledge of the Yiddish or the Hebrew alphabet
July 12 - 18

With Janina Wurbs & Yankl-Peretz Blum

We are proud to welcome linguist and instructor Yankl-Peretz Blum in Weimar. This is his first time with us and he will be teaching this introductory course together with Janina Wurbs. Janina will teach the first four hours of the day and Yankl-Peretz, the final two in the afternoon, which will follow up on the material learned during the day and focus on conversation and vocabulary.

This year we will continue to use the Yiddish alphabet textbook Der Alef-Beys - Trit bay Trit by Karin Weiss, Dorothea Greve and Smadar Raveh-Klemke, which can be purchased during Yiddish Summer at the Info-Point.

Beginners II - for participants with knowledge of the Yiddish or the Hebrew alphabet
July 20 - 26

With Janina Wurbs & Yankl-Peretz Blum

The focus of this course is on developing grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation as well as reading and writing skills. This time, Yankl-Peretz will teach the first four hours of the day and Janina, the final two, following up on the material learned in the morning and answering individual questions. You might even get to play your first game of Scrabble in Yiddish!

July 28 - Aug 3

With Mendy Cahan & Khayele Beer

Khayele Beer and Mendy Cahan are two of our favorite veteran language teachers. While their methods are somewhat different, we guarantee that you will find them both equally captivating. In this intermediate course, you will get your first taste of real Yiddish texts, which will be read together and discussed. Khayele will teach three hours in the morning, Mendy three in the afternoon. Not to be missed!

Aug 7 - Aug 13

With Mendy Cahan & Khayele Beer

In this unique course, Khayele Beer and Mendy Cahan will introduce you to the Yiddish literature (poetry and prose) of Weimar Republic era Berlin. Khayele will draw on material from her own research, while Mendy will share items from the Yung Yiddish library in Tel Aviv. Khayele will teach the first four hours, Mendy the last two. On the last day, Mendy will teach alone, as Khayele has to leave a day early.

The evening program that caps each workshop day has much to do with the unique atmosphere of Yiddish Summer Weimar. On some evenings we meet for jam sessions in Weimar's cafés or in the Other Music Academy (OMA), a great opportunity to put into practice what you've been learning during the day and connect with the other participants. On other evenings, we present concerts connected to the workshop topic performed by internationally recognized artists. During the Festival Week (July 27 - August 3), directly following each evening's featured event in the mon ami cultural center, we meet again in the OMA for the Late Night Cabaret, an informal and fun atmosphere for short performances by anyone ready to jump on stage. In Yiddish Summer Weimar, learning, playing and connecting with each other go hand-in-hand.