A shtim fun harts
A Shabes-Inspired Shared Evening
July 19 Fri 8 p.m. @Musikschule
Admission: 10 € / 7 €
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With so many amazing and moving things happening in one week at YSW, do you feel a need to unpack it all? Would you like to share a story, song, question, anything new or old you have been carrying around with you during the week? Shabes is the perfect time to do just that, and to give yourself the freedom - on the seventh day of an intensely creative week - not to create. Creativity demands that we occasionally step aside, take a deep breath and look back with a feeling of fulfillment on what we have achieved. An evening of joy, peace, freedom, storytelling, music and communal celebration. Shabbat Shalom! Gut Shabes!

Line up:

Miriam Camerini (IT/IL) - future Rabbi
Sveta Kundish (UA/IL/D) - cantor
YSW artists

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