August 2 Fri 8 p.m. @mon ami
Shaydveg (Crossroads) Vaymar
Crossing the frontier into Yiddish modernism then and now
Admission: 20 € / 11 €
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An evening of new songs, based on gems of Yiddish interwar poetry, composed and performed by some of the most important Yiddish songwriters of our time.
Polina Shepherd, born into a Siberian family of singers and raised in Tatarstan, brings steppe and shtetl together in her intricate yet graceful ornamentation. She is known for her intimate compositions, which never fail to surprise listeners with their unique combination of exuberant joyfulness and tender fragility.
Efim Chorny was born into a family of Yiddish singers in Kishinev in what was then the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic and grew up in a musical environment shaped by Roma musicians. Known for his charismatic presence and unmistakable voice, Efim’s compositions, characterized by a mixture of sensitivity and catchy melodies, have long been among the top hits of new Yiddish music.
Daniel Kahn's political compositions have earned him fame far beyond the Yiddish music scene. His music, which taps into the Yiddish anarchist tradition, has been described as “polyglot punk folk,” “alienation klezmer” and “Yiddish punk cabaret.”
With their astonishing diversity, these three highly original singers and composers give voice to the plurality that is Yiddishland. For one intense and exuberant evening, Weimar will become the shaydveg, the intersection where their paths converge.

Line up:


Efim Chorny (MD) - voice, composition
Polina Shepherd (RUS/GBR) - voice, composition
Daniel Kahn (USA/D) - voice, guitar, composition
Aleksei Rozov (RUS) - double bass, violin
Jake Shulman-Ment (USA) - violin
Merlin Shepherd (GBR) - clarinet
Suzanna Ghergus (MD) - piano
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