July 31 Wed 8 p.m. @mon ami
Pleytim tsuzamen (Refugees Together)
A new Joshua Waletzky Song Cycle
Admission: 20 € / 11 €
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New York-born composer and filmmaker Joshua Waletzky’s new evening-length song cycle combines traditional Yiddish genres (hymns, ballads, nigunim, lullabies, love songs and drinking songs) with new tunes and lyrics that tell of the dangerous, challenging epoch of world history in which we are now living. Josh Waletzky, the most important composer of Yiddish songs active today, is known for his sensitive, moving and insightful lyrics. For the Weimar Republic of Yiddishland he has written a new song cycle that addresses our place in this world and the tasks and challenges we face today. Pleytim tsuzamen (Refugees - Together!) is a call for solidarity with those who are most threatened. Mirroring our current reality, the songs present a dynamic clash between traditional musical forms and the social, political and personal challenges posed by the world of 2019, raising the question of the political and social responsibility of music and emphasizing its healing power. An all-star cast, consisting of some of the most creative singers and instrumentalists of the global Yiddish scene, brings us an evening in which all this immense potential is unleashed with incredible energy.

Line up:

Voice: Sveta Kundish (UKR/IL/D) /// Sasha Lurje (LTV/D) /// Daniel Kahn (USA/D) /// Polina Shepherd (RUS/GBR) /// Efim Chorny (MD) /// Joshua Waletzky (USA)

Accompanied by: Jake Shulman-Ment (USA) - violin /// Deborah Strauss (USA) - violin /// Ilya Shneyveys (LTV/D) - accordion /// Aleksei Rozov (RUS) - double bass /// and more

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