Final Concert
20th-Century Jewish Classical Music and its Klezmer Roots & Middle Eastern Music Ensemble
Aug 11 Sun 8 p.m. @Musikschule
Admission: 10 € / 7 €
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At this event, the participants of two workshops – the course on 20th-Century Jewish Classical Music and its Klezmer Roots and the Middle Eastern Music ensemble – will present the results of their work. The charm of this encounter lies precisely in the workshops’ diversity: while Yair Dalal's Middle Eastern Music ensemble focuses exclusively on music from oral traditions, the second group will present music from a tradition that had once been oral, but was cast in classical form by a group of (mostly) Russian-Jewish composers at the beginning of the 20th century. The result is an evening in the typical Yiddish Summer Weimar spirit: rich in contrasts, thrilling, informative and entertaining!

Line up:

Yair Dalal (IL) - oud
Alan Bern (USA/D) - piano, accordion
Ilya Gindin (RUS) - clarinet
Mark Kovnatskiy (RUS/D) - violin
Hitomi Niikura (JPN/CH) - cello
workshop participants

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